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Balamory is a cBeebies series. The main characters on Balamory are: Miss Hoolie who is a schoolteacher, Archie who is an inventor, Josie Jump (fitness instructor), Eddie Mcredie (bus driver), PC Plum, Spencer, Suzie Sweet and Penny Pocket (run a sweet shop). Balamory is an island in Scotland (it is filmed in Tobermory in Mull). All the characters like to sing and each have their own songs such as What's The Story In Balamory? and I'm Suzie Sweet, I'm Penny Pocket. Each character lives in a coloured house, Miss Hoolie lives in the green house, Archie lives in a pink castle, Josey Jump lives in a yellow house, Eddie Mcredie in a blue house, Spencer in an orange house and PC Plum in a white police station in Balamory

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